Floral Arrangements

Sending flowers to a funeral or sending sympathy flowers to the bereaved are popular ways to convey compassion and condolences. Beautiful blooms, elegant bouquets and decorative wreaths at a funeral can offer the bereaved family comfort when having to deal with the loss of a loved one.

The two most commonly used flowers for funerals are roses and carnations but these can be mixed with lilies, asters, delphiniums and gerbera daisies. These types of flowers are popular at funeral services because they add colour, set the tone and lighten the mood.

What are the different types of funeral flower arrangements?

Funeral wreath: a floral presentation in circular shape symbolizes eternal life

Floral spray: a ‘spray’ means flowers designed for viewing from one side only. Sprays can be placed on an easel.

Floral arrangement: this is a mix of fresh flowers displayed in a vase, basket or other container

Casket sprays: this is a floral spray designed for the top of the casket and is usually ordered by the family.

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